Swipe. Tap. Pinch. Drag. Get to know all the gestures that make it easier to navigate your new iPad Pro.

Watch our YouTube video to see how: https://t.co/PlYJCD7GtS

Google app v8.49 beta prepares Collection sharing, Lens image search history, and and Workspaces [APK Teardown] https://t.co/T6S1HpZp62

Razer headphones, smartphones, backpacks, and more are all discounted today https://t.co/OCOkygc1Zw

Want to perfect your jump shot? Need help highlighting your baby's milestones?

Check out these 5 great apps: https://t.co/uEeeiVn8Ae

Reserve time on your #reInvent calendar to swing by the #WePowertech booth and learn how AWS celebreates the diversity of our customers, partners & employees: https://t.co/sQLHofUIRm

These are the game titles that defined 2018. Vote for your Fan Favorite game of the #GooglePlayBestOf 2018 Awards. https://t.co/PKPQADYNOS

“There was one artist & one album specifically that made me realize I wanted to go into music...& it was Gavin DeGraw's first album, 'Chariot.'” — @BrettYoungMusic. Catch the #CMAawards New Artist of the Year nominee LIVE this Wed 11/14 at 8|7c on ABC!

Google Pay international expansion continues in UAE, Germany, Australia, and Taiwan https://t.co/S38FLUPOW2

What are DevOps "patterns of efficiency"? Join our upcoming tech talk to find out. https://t.co/sSoaMM8pNl

Want to build a business? Remember these 3 rules for entrepreneurs, from @mcuban. More at https://t.co/jb8NmKEDzn

Join #blockchain enthusiasts, developers, vendors, and enterprise end-users for the Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel, Switzerland December 12–15, 2018. Register before Nov. 25 to save $150! https://t.co/2AITCpgDYm

Excerpt from @MichelleObama's memoir is second @Apple News Exclusive https://t.co/AAnhLvYYK2

Meet Jaehyung Daniel Lee, scuba diver, co-founder and CEO of EMPO, a trading app for mobile data which would otherwise go wasted. Watch his #IMakeApps story: https://t.co/Q9Mkakc0OO

Check out these top 7 Android App Bundle takeaways from #AndroidDevSummit, including the latest features and best practices for reducing app size and increasing performance!

Watch here → https://t.co/NTGfrl5leV

.@steveaoki is at the top of this week's #Nectar mix. Get it going here: https://t.co/S3HcSC5YDF

Watch a live demonstration on how to pull data from a database while displaying and modifying the data in Sumerian in this live coding episode on Twitch! https://t.co/DZrJodddey

Your #MondayMotivation playlist brought to you by @soulcycle. Listen now.

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