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Pre-order Ghostbusters World now: https://t.co/jZi9LuNGTg

Check out the LF Energy Summit while you are at #OSSummit EU to learn about the new initiative driving open source innovation. Enable “electrification of everything to scale” and transform the world’s relationship to energy https://t.co/CEZH3FvS6K

Join the collective effort to fight issues of #ClimateChange with #LFEnergy! The open source community tackles the challenge this week at the first ever LF Energy Summit in Edinburgh, UK. Learn more at: https://t.co/ffKFFuBu99 #lfenergysummit

Don't go without your Apple Watch if you don't have to. With AppleCare+ you'll get a replacement right away if your current one needs repair.

Tap below to learn more about Express Replacement Service.

The freedom and excitement of creating something, letting others build upon it, and learning from it are what motivated @pipix, #hacker and #openhardware activist, to join the open hardware movement: https://t.co/kTqtqEcNCS #OpenSourceStories #AllThingsOpen

Editorial: #CBC Video claims #Apple's repair policies are abusive, but 'proof' falls far short https://t.co/lGj51AjwxW

Linux app support coming to MediaTek-based Chromebooks https://t.co/nTn6HLTtEv

Spend less time and money on infrastructure and more time delivering features to your users. Migrate your virtual infrastructure to #RedHat and change your scrum to fewer "in-progress" and more "completed." https://t.co/oloQ8extB7 #virtualization

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Restrict access to specific AWS Glue Data Catalog objects with resource-based policies and resource-level permissions. Learn more about AWS Glue security: https://t.co/jiAuNH73Em

YouTube TV giving customers a week of free service due to recent outage https://t.co/G6D1RfRela

Traveling the world chasing the perfect wave sounds pretty awesome, right?

Do it in True Surf 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️


.@BrettYoungMusic opens the latest edition of #CountryHeat w/ "Here Tonight." Stream it this way 👉 https://t.co/ifVCA7c5ig

Did you know? #AWSCertified attendees at #reInvent get access to special lounges, giveaways & events? You can schedule your certification exam today. https://t.co/PIHstpw7pz

The AWS Media Analysis Solution does the heavy lifting for you so you can quickly analyze images and video with AWS AI services: https://t.co/hXpLpQUPoR

#AllThingsOpen attendees, don't miss your chance to bling your badge. Visit #RedHat's #OpenSourceStories booth for more info and how-to instructions. #opensource

Nergal breaks down #Bartzabel, a @BehemothBand ballad.
Listen now to #ILovedYouAtYourDarkest: https://t.co/T25o2fc0CL

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