.@Amazon issues even steeper markdowns on #Apple's 11-inch #iPadPro, delivering record low prices https://t.co/9oYhvuRrmw

Will Jaime Lannister be the next to die on #GameofThrones? Here’s the new evidence. (via @Refinery29)

Can't 👏 get 👏 enough 👏 of 👏 these 👏 two.
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Editorial: Could Apple's lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear? @danieleran https://t.co/VZUZwV7mz9

Netflix’s new rom-com ‘Someone Great’ perfectly captures a modern breakup. (via @ThatGirlCarly in @usatoday) https://t.co/U9iIaEdU8W

San Francisco Bay Area #AppleStore thefts restart, no jail for Belfast Apple Store thieves, $100K in #iPhones stolen from #BestBuy and more on the Apple Crime Blotter. https://t.co/OG7C533Ulo

Can't remember how much longer your free trial lasts? See all your app subscriptions in one place, including trials, and cancel any you don't want.

Here's how: https://t.co/BMrEb24XUj

A pair of images of an "#iPhoneXI" dummy for manufacturing purposes purports to show accurate dimensions of the 2019 #iPhone lineup, including a square rear camera extrusion. https://t.co/3qmtwH1XRJ

Why do so many people risk their lives for the perfect selfie? @outsidemagazine investigates this modern epidemic. https://t.co/PGelkabEkc

Meanwhile at the Captain Planet press conference... 🔊

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Epic comebacks, superstar rivalries, 4th quarter heroics…
The quest for the NBA crown is getting heated! 🏀🔥
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When to use an external microphone on your #Apple #iPhone or a separate audio recorder from #Roland or #Sony to make your podcasts @Roland_US @Sony https://t.co/873jI1qkX0

“Who else is making spectacle this awesome?” asks @skornhaber in @TheAtlantic. Here’s why Beyoncé’s #Homecoming is a modern masterpiece. https://t.co/nkUUmAeQYh

.@Apple's quad-core 13-inch #MacBookPro with 512GB SSD drops to $1,499 @Amazon, the lowest price ever https://t.co/PsPw8CK989

Linguists found the world’s “weirdest” languages, and English is one of them. (via @qz) https://t.co/nxg3EJVzo4

#Apple was aiming to sue @Qualcomm as far back as 2014, and plotted a strategy to win, according to newly-exposed documents.

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