Did you know one of the world's fastest supercomputers runs on #RedHat Enterprise #Linux? @Livermore_Lab will be hitting the mainstage at this year's #RHSummit to talk about their experience and expertise with the #opensource operating system. https://t.co/W47df0HAEz

Run #containers in #clouds. Make it scalable on demand. Secure the data. Get it done. Start with #Linux https://t.co/HJsGgbxrS1

Shotcut is an open source video editor for #ubuntu. @shotcutapp supports many formats; no import required, native timeline editing; Blackmagic Design support for input and preview monitoring; and resolution support to 4k 🎞🎥🎬

snap install shotcut


Why is enterprise #opensource so important? Read “The State of Enterprise Open Source,” a #RedHat-sponsored report, to find out: https://t.co/kgBC6jfrT0

Why is @MPS_Franklin #teacher Michael Bratsch (Mr. B), always in a good mood? Read the story of Mr. B and @theFBFG to find out: https://t.co/pBC8DxAQBS #OpenSourceStories

System Syzygy is a puzzle game, in the style of Cliff Johnson's The Fool's Errand and 3 in Three, and of Andrew Plotkin's System's Twilight. Challenging puzzles in a fun retro-style will give your brains some exercise this weekend!

snap install syzygy


What are the biggest trends impacting IT today? @Microsoft's @satyanadella and #RedHat's @JWhitehurst will discuss on the mainstage at #RHSummit. Register today: https://t.co/W47df0HAEz.

.@VWGroup's Michael Denecke joins #RedHat's @johnallessio onstage at #RHSummit to share the company's experience with @RedHatLabs, and how they developed a new way to test car features: https://t.co/oEY8xItwZj.

What do author @laurensabel, paper circuitry, #opensource technology, and middle school girls have in common? #RedHatCOLAB—live in #Chicago this week. Learn more: https://t.co/xwysgzb17i #OpenSourceStories

People, sessions, and networking galore! Are you exhausted just thinking about it? Don't worry! Check out our introvert's guide to #RHSummit for tips on finding time to recharge this year at @RedHatSummit: https://t.co/pcm6oZHyVP.

Recognized for their achievements in #opensource, check out last year's #RHInnovationAwards winners: @BBVAInnovation, @IAGAust, @LHTechnik, @migraciones_ar, and @ups: https://t.co/HHUkGMRm3N #RHSummit @RedHatSummit

In “The State of Enterprise Open Source,” a #RedHat-sponsored report, we explore how and why enterprises are using #opensource to modernize their IT. Read the full report: https://t.co/kgBC6jfrT0 #dx

#FridayFinds #FlashbackFriday Students at King Philip Regional High School created this video to tell a story of the possibilities of open source! https://t.co/ViWTupgQaO

Aligning on a project vision is important—and so is being able to evolve the vision based on stakeholder feedback. Watch the team reflect on some major feedback, and decide next steps. This is chapter 2 of Proof of Concept: https://t.co/TekHgMHt7S #bigdata #socialgood @RedHatLabs

Read up on the week's top #technews with #RedHat's Friday Five blog post: https://t.co/NYy6CZMrth

At #RHSummit, @EmiratesNBD_AE's Ali Rey will share the company's journey to become the first Middle Eastern bank to launch its own #privatecloud. See what's next for the future of #openbanking at @RedHatSummit: https://t.co/W47df0HAEz.

Upgrading Kubernetes in an easy 3 step process with Charms. https://t.co/CuQmzj5JXn #Kubernetes

A software defined business model makes it easy for businesses to capitalize on #IoT and generate additional functionality for existing devices over the course of time! https://t.co/zGvV6eexrY

What will the next 2 years bring for enterprise #opensource? Check out "The State of Enterprise Open Source" to find out: https://t.co/kgBC6jfrT0

Interested in #emergingtech? At #RHSummit @BostonChildrens, @ProphetStor, @h2oai, and @PerceptiLabs will join @kernelcdub on stage to share live demos of next-generation innovation - built on #RedHat platforms. Register today: https://t.co/W47df0HAEz.

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