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Simply put… We are a one stop shop for all of your IT and design needs.

Wizcom is group of senior professionals that have pooled their talents to provide our clients with a complete spectrum of resources, eliminating the need for, and cost of an IT staff. Our group includes professionals that have had over two decades of experiences in a myriad of industries such as Aerospace, Database Systems, Manufacturing, Education, Logistics, Food Service, Retail, OEM Computer Vendors (i.e., Dell and HP), Medical, Legal and Banking. What this means to our clients is that we have a breadth of knowledge, as both customer and consultant, that provides us with a unique insight into what our clients truly want and need. We pride ourselves on our no nonsense straight forward take on the IT industry.

We are truly redefining tech…

What that means to us is that we will utilize the latest technology available and leverage it to streamline and grow your business. Tech does not have to be cripplingly expensive, it simply has to be effective.

We will not:

  • Sell you a piece of equipment or service you don’t need
  • Dazzle you with tech jargon that has little meaning

We will:

  • Provide you with a concise explanation of your problem and the steps we will take to resolve the issue
  • Fix your problem right the first time

We’ve been doing this stuff for over 30 years and we’ll most certainly be doing it for another 30 years.

Wizcom Ltd began life in 1981 as a statistical data processing company at the University of Detroit for a major US government study on aging. Since then, we have remained on the cutting edge of technology and have evolved into a multifaceted, complete IT service and consulting organization. Our company policies are based on customer driven requirements along with the latest technological solutions.