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Restrict access to specific AWS Glue Data Catalog objects with resource-based policies and resource-level permissions. Learn more about AWS Glue security:

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The AWS Media Analysis Solution does the heavy lifting for you so you can quickly analyze images and video with AWS AI services:

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This Is My Architecture: Slalom shows us how to do CI/CD for serverless applications on AWS.

To learn AWS terms and definitions, check the AWS Glossary:

Learn how to integrate your Amazon Linux WorkSpaces development environment with other AWS Developer Tools.

Control database & table access in Athena with IAM policies that enable fine-grained access to resources in the AWS Glue Data Catalog:

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This solution has a CloudFormation template and a step-by-step guide so you can quickly launch three AI services for metadata extraction:

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Recent AWS launches! 2 of 2
Amazon Connect supports Service-Linked Roles
AWS Config can store compliance history of resources as evaluated by Config Rules
WorkSpaces has a new PowerPro bundle for resource-intensive workloads

Recent AWS launches! 1 of 2
ECS CLI supports Service Discovery
Run high-performance graphics workstations in the cloud with new WorkSpaces GraphicsPro bundles
Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI now available

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