Apple has followed in the footsteps of other media production companies and streaming services, by creating a dedicated newsroom just for #AppleTV+ shows and movies.

Feeling like a red ponytail today? How about green, with fangs and a nose ring? Customize your Memoji to reflect exactly how you feel. Here’s how.

What it takes to be a taco journalist — and how this former poetry student landed the dream job, via @Eater:

Now in #TopStories: Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean has resigned after fatally shooting Atatiana Jefferson in her home; he could face charges, the interim police chief said. (via @USATODAY)

Following a report alleging that #Safari was sending URLs to China, #Apple has clarified that this is not the case and has detailed how the Safe Browsing feature works.

One in six young women in Britain have skipped school or work over anxiety about how they look, a new poll from @PlanUK shows. (via @MayaOppenheim for @Independent)

Ahead of #AppleTV+ launch, new research says video streaming video users rate ease of use as more important than content.

.@vagabonvagabon releases #EveryWoman from her upcoming self-titled album. Listen now on the #NewMusicDaily playlist:

If a long handshake makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone — new research shows that handshakes lasting longer than three seconds can trigger anxiety and negatively impact relationships. (via @sciencefocus)

So many Americans are afraid of a recession, nearly 1 in 5 are hiding cash in their homes. (via @Megan_Leonhardt for @CNBCMakeIt)

Despite overall feature and performance improvements for #eGPUs, the new macOS Catalina is now failing to work correctly with certain combinations of #Mac and #GPU card.

The #Orbi range from @Netgear has been expanded with a new dual-band mesh Wi-Fi system that aims to blanket homes up to 3,000 square feet in size with Wi-Fi coverage.

OK, so what was the last app you used before falling asleep? 😴

We personally enjoy a good meditation app before bedtime.

Enhanced #AppleMaps have begun expanding out of Northeast and into the Midwest, bringing more details to Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

#Apple's #Safari on #iOS can be sending your browsing data to China's #Tencent as part of its anti-phishing features.

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