The virus left this couple stranded in paradise. They still don’t know when they’ll get home. (via @davidzweig for @nytimes)

#COVID19 is almost certainly killing Americans who are not being counted among the nation’s growing death toll. (via @emmersbrown, @bethreinhard, and @byaaroncdavis for @washingtonpost)

A tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the coronavirus after developing a dry cough. (via @nypost)

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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to the hospital in a “precautionary step” ten days after testing positive for the coronavirus. (via @BBCNews)

The U.S. is bracing for its “hardest, saddest” week as #COVID19 deaths surpass 9,500. (via @danieljtrotta and @AmandaBecker for @Reuters)

Apple CEO @tim_cook has offered an update on the company's efforts to combat the #coronavirus, including sourcing 20M face masks and designing and producing face shields for medical teams.

The camera bump of the #iPhone12 may get more crowded, with an alleged document image leak indicating a #LiDAR sensor may join the triple camera setup in the Pro models.

#Review: @Invisible =Shield has a wide variety of screen protectors; anti-glare, blue light blocking, and privacy to name a few. Now, its added the new Glass Elite Edge to its offerings.

Hospitals that treat uninsured virus patients will be reimbursed with stimulus funds, the White House says. (via @StephArmour1 for @WSJ)

Early data shows African Americans have contracted and died of the coronavirus at an alarming rate. (via @akjohnson1922 and @TaliaBuford for @propublica)

Have you seen these #deals on #Apple #AirPods 2 and #AirPodsPro?

The pandemic raises an uncomfortable question: What happens if a presidential candidate gets sick? (via @ella_nilsen for @voxdotcom)

Oprah and @jonkabatzinn, a pioneer in mindfulness techniques, discuss finding peace in this moment on the latest episode of #OprahTalks COVID-19.

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College made them feel equal. The virus exposed how unequal their lives really are, with some students videoconferencing into classes from family vacation homes — and others from their parents’ food truck. (via @nytimes)

Join the Night’s Watch, then become their commander in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall.

It’s up to you to protect Westeros from the things that hide in the shadows below.

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Research suggests that people with no symptoms may be spreading #COVID19, but questions remain. What we know about “silent carriers,” via @stephaniemlee for @BuzzFeedNews:

Morel has crafted a high-quality Bluetooth bookshelf speaker that comes as the total package -- minus the Wi-Fi. Does the performance justify the price? #Hogtalare @morelhifi

On this week's Apple Crime Blotter: Thieves wearing surgical masks, a postman steals an #iPhone and Viagra, and an #iPad theft victim takes matters into his own hands when police failed to help.

Do homemade masks work? Which type is best? Can I use a scarf? Your questions, answered — via @laurelwamsley and @AubreyNPR for @NPR:

New York reels as 630 people die in a day, the state’s bleakest toll yet. (via @jeffmason1 and @gabriellaborter for @Reuters)

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