Tennis sensation @CocoGauff’s grandmother has her own remarkable story to tell. At 15 — the same age Coco is now — she became the first black student at her Florida high school. And yes, she’s a force. (via @ChuckCulpepper1 for @washingtonpost)

The number of bathrooms per person in the U.S. has doubled in the past half century — even as families and households are getting smaller. Why are Americans so obsessed with bathrooms? @DKThomp explains in @TheAtlantic:

“The records are inspired by early rave, breaks, techno, and house, the music I was obsessed with growing up.”
Listen to new music from @CalvinHarris on #danceXL all weekend:

Everybody's favorite six-second video platform is back and it's got a new name: #Byte. Let's take a look and see if the resurrected Vine is any better than its predecessor. @byte_app #iOS

The Australian bushfires have uncovered an ancient aquatic system older than the pyramids, and firefighters are working with local groups to identify and protect these culturally important sites. (via @EricCheungwc for @CNN)

“Hold me closer, Tony Danza”: You and Phoebe from #Friends aren’t the only people who mishear popular song lyrics. Here’s why it happens, via @SaraKileyWatson for @PopSci:

If you’ve ever wanted to make slick stop-motion videos without the fuss, Life Lapse does the trick 🤳

Apple will be donating to groups in China helping to fight the outbreak of the 2019 Novel #Coronavirus @tim_cook

This shoe is so good, it’s helping elite runners break marathon records. Now, it might be banned from future races. (via @marcbain_ for @qz)

A jury in San Diego has ruled that @Apple must pay Quarterhill Inc.'s #WiLAN $85 million in royalties for infringing patents in a retrial of a case from 2018. #iPhone

“A crowd of us watched in a numbed silence as houses exploded.” People in Australia tell @baggageclaimed at @voxdotcom what it’s been like to live through the Australian bushfires:

Who gets to keep Fido after a divorce? Bitter custody battles over family pets — for one man, to the tune of $15,000 — are becoming more common. (via @melissalchan for @TIME in News+)

Tonight in #TopStories:
• House impeachment managers wrap up their case with Trump’s obstruction
• Should you panic about the #coronavirus from China?
• See the moon’s far side in unprecedented detail thanks to Chang’e 4
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So you're a book lover but feel like there's no time to read...Summerian might just be what you need 🤓📚

Enjoy text and audio summaries of best-selling nonfiction to help beef up your brain power.

Toxic “forever chemicals” have been found in drinking water throughout the U.S. What you should know, via @joshua_bote for @USATODAY:

An @Apple representative will attend a meeting next week to promote US policy changes designed to grant patients easy access to health data.

Three gray whales have died on their recent southbound journey along the West Coast, prompting fears among scientists of another unexplained die-off. (via @susrust and @RosannaXia for @latimes)

“Senate rules do not prohibit a senator from sipping milk during his speech.” The history behind how water and milk became the two acceptable beverages on the Senate floor (and who’s partaking), via @BobbyAllyn for @NPR:

Get ready for #Sundance with a limited time offer: A one-month free trial of @Sundance_Now on the Apple TV app. (US)

Season of Rhythm has officially kicked off in Sky: Children of the Light! ✨

In this update, you’ll stumble upon new items, cool gestures, and interesting characters.

Play @thatskygame here:

Apple is celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth by hosting a collection of #TodayAtApple sessions and performances throughout February at its major #AppleStore locations.

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