[Update: Pixel 3a, too] Pixel 3a XL comes with a free $100 gift card on Amazon https://t.co/zwvGYdZMN3

OnePlus nearly doubles price of headphone adapter, OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't come with one https://t.co/refJ3Tj1VE

Lenovo's teaser video for the Razer foldable phone was a fan-made mockup https://t.co/SY7dl5eRIC

Tech destroys the walls between our personal and work lives—I'm fighting to rebuild them https://t.co/QJO4xsBLEt

Every new Android Q feature we have found so far [Continuously updated] https://t.co/NTKGidgAjN

Nokia 9 PureView camera review teaser: More isn’t always better.
Check the full review article and video here: https://t.co/hXE7zKjVLZ

#technology #Nokia9

12 best new Android games released this week including Durango: Wild Lands, Terraforming Mars, and Alt-Frequencies https://t.co/yHTJOvuzPl

Firefox 67 for Android adds Search widget, removes Guest Session feature [APK Download] https://t.co/mSXJrN3fIi

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