All GitHub Archive initiatives, including the Arctic Code Vault, will have a guide. We’ve created draft 0.1 and we’d love your input! The official GitHub Archive Program guide is now #opensource, be a good ancestor and contribute here

Kick-off your Friday with another round of #CodeAndCoffee! ☕ We're chatting with program manager @AvriNichole on her engineering journey. Follow along with the thread for more. 🙋‍♀️👇

10 days left to get your code into the Arctic Code Vault! On 02/02/2020, we will make a copy of every active public repository on GitHub to preserve them in a decommissioned coal mine for over 1,000 years.

Continuity announcer @CorieB is known for her "influential voice."

Learn how she used it to spark a conversation about disability and encouraged inclusion at

Hey devs! Sharing some #WednesdayWisdom - our new series to keep you informed with the latest tips and tricks! ✨
Listen in to @ch9 to hear @KaracaSerkant and @ShubhaVijaya talk about use cases for messaging with @Azure Event Hubs and more.

Developers 🤝 dual-screen experiences

Explore the latest preview SDKs and learn more about the upcoming Microsoft 365 Developer Day.

Hey machine learning enthusiasts! Want to read about how we use neural networks to recommend easy issues to new OSS contributors? Sure you do! 😃 Check out our latest blog post here

Want to start contributing to open source but not sure where to begin?

Now you can easily browse good first issues to help you dive in 🤗

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