Want to learn more about software composition analysis? Join GitHub Product Manager @MayaKaczorowski on OWASP DevSlop on Sunday for a rundown of what's in your supply chain and what you should be doing to protect it.

We’re live! Watch the @hashicorp team as they demo how to integrate Terraform with GitHub Actions for provisioning infrastructure. Join here: https://www.twitch.tv/githubenterprise

Pro tip: You can go to http://github.com/sponsors/community and find open source projects to sponsor 💡

You'll find tools for sorting your dependencies by ecosystem, frequency, and more

And we want to hear from you—what else should we build to make it easier to find developers to sponsor?

.@microsoftfrance is organizing a 24-hour #HolographicSurgery event in collaboration with Professor @tms_gregory, Evolutis Numérique, @univ_spn, and @APHP. The challenge? 24 hours to change healthcare collaboration. Learn more: https://msft.it/6010pSzYg

If you love GitHub Pages but wanted to create a site just for folks in your enterprise - now you can with the click of a drop-down! https://github.blog/changelog/2021-01-21-access-control-for-github-pages

It’s been a decade since we first heard the word “DevOps”—so what’s next?

Join experts from GitHub, Red Hat, Lightstep, and RedMonk as we discuss the future of DevOps culture, tooling, and processes. Save your seat: https://github.co/3sx72Pn

You shouldn’t have to subscribe to society’s idea of what constitutes as “pants” these days. Nor the notion of having only 1 breakfast a day. But you may want to subscribe to @XboxGamePassPC to get tons of titles, including new ones like these. https://msft.it/6014pU5FA

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