Sometimes the eyes say it all. Download this #Windows10 theme and look deeply into the stunning eyes of these animals and birds:

GitHub for mobile 1.2 adds more details to diffs, renders markdown files, and lets you mark files as viewed as you're reviewing them. Plus lots more! Download now:

In order to recover and rebuild our economy, we need to expand access to digital skills. Accelerate: Atlanta is the first of many programs across the US to create skills for high-demand jobs.

Learn more:

GitHub is going live! Join us each week on Twitch for a new technical demo series—learn from the GitHub experts as they share live demos, best practices, tips, and show off their favorite features. We go live next week—stay tuned for more details!

Let your #Pride shine through by turning on this special rainbow theme in Outlook mobile or in Office apps on iOS as you join us in supporting LGBTQI+ and racial equity nonprofits.

Research shows that only one-third of employees are encouraged by their leadership to learn new skills.

Later this year, we will preview a new learning app in @MicrosoftTeams to make it easier for employees, managers & teams to learn while they work.

To help job-seekers, we’re providing free access to resources, including Microsoft Learn content and 10 LinkedIn Learning paths that are aligned with the most in-demand jobs.

The “Great Lockdown” will accelerate digitalization, but skills training may not reach the people who need it most. It’s time to solve that challenge.

Global unemployment in 2020 may reach a quarter of a billion people, with unemployment hitting some communities harder, and disproportionally impacting women.

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