Give your game a quality checkup with these three steps:

💁‍♀️ a great in-game user experience
🏋️‍♂️ stability and strong technical performance
🛍 an effective store listing page

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#PlayApartTogether is all about bringing us together through games, 🎮 special events, activities, and rewards! Dive in and play some great games on the #PlayApartTogether selection made by the Google Play Team!

Kahlo. Basquiat. Warhol. You. Transfer your favorite artists' style to your photos with #ArtTransfer from @GoogleArts → 🎨

Stay home. Save lives.

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, help stop the spread by following these steps → #GoogleDoodle

Reliable information is more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. To help, we’re collecting COVID-19 education, prevention and local resources →

Successful games put players first 👥

Discover @Jagex's innovative approach to player engagement and retention in their @RuneScape game in our latest podcast episode🎙️

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You can now upload your native debug symbols in the Google Play Console and get symbolicated stack traces in Android vitals and in your pre-launch reports. 👩‍⚕️🐛

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Play Asset Delivery allows players to get into your game faster, and cuts the costs of hosting and delivering game resources. 🎮📦

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Since #StreetView launched in 2007, we’ve collected more than 170 billion images. Take a virtual spin around the world with 15 of our favorites →

We’re bringing the big screen to your screen a little earlier! Own @pixaronward and watch premium early release rentals direct from theaters @TheInvisibleMan, @TheHuntMovie, and @emmamovie on Google Play now: (US & CA only)

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Receive the latest news and tips to help you succeed on Google Play, like how best to export your apps and games globally and more.

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The @WHO is encouraging users to #PlayApartTogether!

Thank you to all of the game makers and players who are staying inside to protect communities around the world.

A big congratulations to the finalists of the #GooglePlay Indie Games Festival from Europe, Japan, and South Korea!


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More than ever before, people are searching how to help doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. They’re working around the clock to help us, stay inside to help them. Learn more →

Learn about Android and Google Play tools you can use to protect your games and players while reducing issues like tampering and piracy. ⛔️🏴‍☠️

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Enjoy a moment of adventure with @NoodlecakeGames’ @SummerCatchers or discover a magical 🌎 with @ThroughLineGame's @ForgottonAnne. Check out these new titles and more on Google Play Pass: #PlayPass

We’ve redesigned Google Podcasts to make it easier to discover podcasts you’ll love, build your list of go-to podcasts, and customize your listening experience.🎙️Learn more about the updates, available now on iOS, Android, and web →

🔐🛡 Privacy, trust, safety - more than just buzzwords ...

Tune in to our #AppsGamesInsights podcast for insights from @DevsAllianceEU to learn how you can embrace innovation by building privacy friendly apps.

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