In this post of the games monetization series on #GooglePlay, @MoonlitBeshimov & Tammy Levy, VP of Insights & Analytics at @kongregatedevs, explore rewarded ads & share how you can integrate them into your diversified monetization strategy.

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Diversify your mobile games’ revenue with rewarded ads

Part 3 of 5 — New monetization trends to diversify your games revenue

When Denise discovered her daughter’s food allergies, she embarked on a new mission: creating a 🍪 everyone can ️❤️. See how this allergen-free cookie led to the opening of @PartakeFoods—featured in our latest Economic Impact Report → #GrowWithGoogle

Attention mobile game developers! The deadline is approaching to submit applications for the Indie Games Accelerator Program. Get those laptops out and enter your startup to be guided by Google experts and top mentors from the industry.

See what the @tryguys got up to at #io19. Take it from them, it was quite an I/Opening experience →

For over 70 years, @HighwayInn has been serving up “A Taste of Old Hawai'i” on a daily basis. See the story behind this family-owned small business and how Google tools have helped them grow → #AAPIHM

How we’re working with the municipality of Amsterdam to gain insight into the city’s air quality with #StreetView →

Today, we're releasing new videos designed to help the accessibility community set up and get the most out of their Google Assistant-enabled devices—like Googler Stephanie Wilson did for her dad after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease → #GAAD

“Our discipline is founded on exploring human connections and motivations through empathy and listening.”

VP of User Experience Design Catherine Courage shares why influence is essential in design →

With people making more websites and apps than ever before, here's why .app, Google Registry's top-level domain (which just turned one!), is bringing more people online securely →

#Indiedevs from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, & Asia, there's still time to sign up for the Indie Games Accelerator!

Apply by May 19th for a chance to attend all expense-paid bootcamps in Singapore & 👩‍🏫 receive personalized mentorship.

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From astronauts to rock stars, learn a few lessons from the speakers at our #io19 Inspiration Sessions →

Planning a trip? Good timing. Today, we’re simplifying the way we help travelers plan trips with Google across devices →

Hear from our Head of Conversation Design Outreach Cathy Pearl on the challenges of teaching computers to talk to humans, and what that’s taught her about her own conversations →

Featured in our 2018 Economic Impact Report, meet woman-led @Okabashi, one of the few remaining companies manufacturing shoes in the United States → #GrowWithGoogle

Today's #GoogleDoodle celebrates Georgios Papanikolaou, the pioneering Greek doctor who invented the "Pap smear," a test that screens for cervical cancer →

Functions. Pivot tables. Data organization. Yep, we're talking spreadsheets!

A product manager for #GoogleSheets shares his take on what makes spreadsheets so special →

Duck, duck, cuuute! Wishing you a happy #MothersDay from our #GoogleDoodle’s feathery family. 🦆

Each night around 1 a.m., searches for “how to help my child” peak. In honor of #MothersDay, we're celebrating every parent whose concerns for their kids last a lifetime.

Start developing with the Chrome OS and Flutter!

Today, @FlutterDev announced new features that make Flutter a great way to build Chrome OS apps and Chrome OS a great developer platform to build Flutter apps.

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Flutter and Chrome OS: Better Together

Posted by the Flutter and Chrome OS teams

New to the Play Console?

Learn the basics, take control of your permissions, and troubleshoot common account issues with this free beginner's course.

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For #MilitarySpouseAppreciationDay, we’re sharing new #GrowWithGoogle tools that will empower people like Kelly to build meaningful careers, wherever they’re located →

“I am a dancing human, but my collaborator is a machine.” - Bill T. Jones

See how the iconic choreographer and co-founder of @BTJAZco used Google AI to create movement and voice experiments for everyone →

On what would be her 131st birthday, today's #GoogleDoodle celebrates English haematologist Lucy Wills, the pioneering medical researcher who changed the face of preventive prenatal care for women everywhere →

That's a wrap! Close out #io19 with a look back on the sights and sounds of Day 3. See you next year! 👋
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