✨ The Google Play Store is getting a new look! ✨

The visual redesign will include a sleek UI and updated details page layout to improve app discovery and accessibility for users.

Read the blog → https://t.co/S11awuhneq

Optimize your store listing → https://t.co/LgncjBFP2Y

Free tools, training and resources: New #GrowWithGoogle resources can help Spanish speakers learn digital skills to prepare for a job or grow a business. Learn more → https://t.co/91bFLkDSSw

🚀 Launching now: Google Play landing page for game devs!

This new page highlights key tools and resources to help game developers from the pre-launch through post-launch phases.

Check it out → https://t.co/xeEJtRfMEB

Can you see me now? 👀 Try low light mode on #GoogleDuo for your next video call to see friends and family face to face, even when it's dark → https://t.co/UCRiDB0RCC

16 gaming creators + 16 professional @PUBGMOBILE teams = one epic 📱 esports competition. Are you ready to witness an action-packed six episode mini-series? The #RoadToStardom starts now: https://t.co/q8ayr7DGjK

🌍Go Global!🌍

Get insights into developing your apps & games for emerging markets and consider:

✅Localising content and pricing
✅Adapting your mindset
✅Understanding local needs

Learn how industry leaders have found success in emerging markets ↓

Winning in emerging markets

Developers unlock the next opportunities of growth


In queso you didn’t know, today’s #GoogleDoodle is a cheesy tribute to Ignacio Anaya García. He’s the inventor of Nachos especiales, the ultimate crunchy comfort food: totopos topped with melted cheese and jalapeños.

Starting to look at colleges? In the U.S., now you can use Search to find information about two-year colleges, and discover your potential college picks with our new list tool. → https://t.co/p6WRnQdmhZ

Help your roommate remember to take out the trash or tell your spouse “good luck in the big meeting” with new Assignable reminders on the Assistant. → https://t.co/5oLYDHL3v3

Beat challenging puzzles to design and renovate your very own vineyard resort. Vineyard Valley, @JamCityHQ’s latest 3D puzzle game, tasks you to do just that. Download on the Play Store to get started: https://t.co/1xi9ijN2zR

Congratulations to this year’s #DoodleForGoogle winner, Arantza Peña Popo! Her artwork is featured on the Google homepage today → https://t.co/T1BYaFNC5o

Code Jam, our longest-running coding competition, just wrapped its 16th season in San Francisco. Congrats to all finalists, especially Gennady Korotkevich on his 6th consecutive #CodeJam win. 🎉 https://t.co/KVnkwUw7EL

Class is back in session with @BillNye! Today’s lesson: The science behind the fear of switching—and why trading in an old laptop for a #Chromebook is a no brainer.

Join us in celebrating the 2019 #ChangeTheGame Design Challenge winners! In partnership with @GirlsMakeGames, these teens will squad up with the industry’s top talent to build their games for release this fall on the Play Store. Learn more: https://t.co/mLZeMEjNHr

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, you can listen to audio recordings from 50+ Indigenous languages worldwide on @googleearth → https://t.co/mhTtGd09Sm #IndigenousDay

Unsure if your flight's price will drop after you've booked? Taking off on August 13th, #GoogleFlights will guarantee certain fares. Find out how it works ✈️ → https://t.co/YhJkhLMjZR

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