Learn how @codeforamerica built GetCalFresh on AWS to help close the participation gap in California’s nutrition assistance program: https://t.co/GVV0mZ0RYQ

You can now migrate hundreds of TB of data to Amazon S3 with AWS DataSync. Autodesk recently outlined their process.

What's the fuss over serverless? It's a whole new way of 👀 looking at your software’s business value, revenue, cost & the relationships between them on an operation-by-operation basis. AWS serverless hero @simalexan explains how this works.

Do you want to join a large & rapidly growing cloud company? Join our global Marketing Response Center team as we help our customers succeed!

Learn how SynchroNet uses a lightweight, #serverless, event-driven architecture to ensure that the right user personas get the right workspace resources every time. #ThisisMyArchitecture https://t.co/K7pnQIC60s

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Join us for an Online Tech Talk to learn how you can use the Multi-Master feature of the Aurora database to build highly available transactional apps.

Find out how you can automate a response to findings from an AWS IoT Device Defender audit by using customizable mitigation actions: https://t.co/hOj9qejVqg

Ahead of their North American tour, @_blackmountain_ shares their interpretation of the @BlackSabbath classic 'Junior’s Eyes'. Listen to their Amazon Original now: https://t.co/OwnOwv1WGm

Now generally available! Learn how to build a secure data lake, in days instead of months, with AWS Lake Formation & use it with AWS analytic services in our upcoming tech talk. https://t.co/grJyr0SPJI

With AWS Outposts, you get AWS designed infrastructure on premises that is delivered, installed, and managed by AWS.:https://t.co/x7CwjiO458

Happy Birthday to the one and only @DUALIPA! 🎉

Wish the pop princess a happy birthday by blasting our Best Of Dua Lipa playlist 🔊: https://t.co/h50zWof7Dc

On this episode of #ThisisMyArchitecture, learn how @DoxeeInc built a personalized video platform to enable their customer’s digital experience initiatives. https://t.co/eZSSTxngnH

Here are the top 5 tips for improving the performance of your data workloads when you use Matillion within Amazon Redshift.


Still feelin' the summer heat? ☀️ Kick back, relax, and ask Alexa to play 'Cool' by @jonasbrothers 😎: https://t.co/Zr5v4WJEmx

🗣️ #AVoiceIsAllYouNeed

🎥 Happening now: AWS experts & AWS Serverless Heroes are battling head-to-head on Twitch in an all day challenge to see who can build the best #serverless app. Join in as these serverless experts battle to make it to the Serverless Championship Challenge. https://t.co/t8DKISy6Nt

Learn how @duolingo moved from a monolithic to microservices architecture on Amazon ECS & saved 60% in compute costs in one quarter: https://t.co/oPnyXHOPmh

New AWS Launches!
🚀Introducing AI-Powered Health Data Masking
🚀Support for Windows Shadow Copies is Now Extended to All Amazon FSx File Systems

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