Use AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar to prevent or allow changes to your AWS resources during important business events that you have added to a calendar:

On the AWS Architecture Blog, learn how Tulip Interfaces retrofitted Taza Chocolate's legacy equipment with #IoT sensors & connected it back to the AWS cloud. 🍫

Slim Shady catches another body.

Ask Alexa to play the #SongOfTheDay to listen to @Eminem's 'Darkness' off his latest album 'Music To Be Murdered By' 🎧:

Tired of Alexine’s jokes about harpischords and crossbows? Watch the big game on 02.02.20 to find out what we did #BeforeAlexa

📊 What do analysts think about AWS & public cloud? Explore our library of analyst reports for IT professionals, developers, consultants & more.

"I want to own as little technology as possible so I can better accomplish my business goals." - @ben11kehoe, Cloud Robotics Research Scientist @iRobot w/@drkellyannfitz from @redmonk.

Listen to the AWS Conversations with Leaders podcast to hear how cloud leaders are dealing with failure, keeping up with the ever-increasing pace of technology, and staying inspired.

AWS is a place where 1000s of personalities come to turn can't-be-done into done. Come and build the future with us.

This blog post gives you more details about the upcoming Amazon DocumentDB certificate expiration, explains how to tell if your clusters are affected & lets you know what you should do to maintain connectivity to your cluster.

On #ThisisMyArchitecture, learn about how the #AI powered speech analytics for Amazon Connect solution provides customer insights in real time.

New #AWSLaunches!

🚀AWS Elemental MediaConnect Now Available in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region
🚀Amazon EC2 T3 instances now support launching as Dedicated Instances

New #AWSLaunches!

🚀AWS DataSync can now transfer data to & from Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
🚀Amazon GuardDuty announces threat detection enhancements, reducing alert volume & increasing accuracy for common customer deployed architectures

New #AWSLaunches!

🚀AWS IAM policy simulator now simulates permissions boundary policies
🚀Announcing Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Snapshot Export to S3

With a #BestNewArtist nom, and a hot new track, it feels like 2020 is @rosaliavt's for the taking. Listen to Juro Que now 🎧:

.@angie_mcmahon serves up a rendition of 'Total Eclipse Of the Heart' like you've never heard it before. Listen to her Amazon Original track now 🎧:

The Hot Girl Summer 👑 has done it again. Listen to @theestallion's latest single 'B.I.T.C.H.' right now 🎧:

Share your CodeBuild report groups across multiple AWS accounts or users so they can view a report group, its unexpired reports & the test results of its reports:

Hey Ellen and Portia, maybe try 67 degrees? Watch the big game on 02.02.20 to find out what we did #BeforeAlexa

"We went from 0 to a platform launch in 4 weeks. And we were only able to do it because we leveraged services like AWS Lambda." - @sbarski, VP of Content @acloudguru w/@drkellyannfitz from @redmonk.

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