Let's make that *two-time* #RockHall inductee, @StevieNicks! https://t.co/dQGzF1yPt3

Learn how AWS Transit Gateway significantly simplifies management & reduces operational costs with a hub & spoke architecture. https://t.co/V35Uz5DpsK

From “Friday I'm In Love” to “All Cats Are Grey,” stream 20 essential songs by The Cure. https://t.co/V7hdXuDwPB #RockHall2019

Pentatonix will be taking over our Instagram on 12/20! Ask questions for them here. 🎄@PTXofficial

What's your fave Radiohead song?
Celebrate the #RockHall2019 inductees with our best of mix: https://t.co/qLH5JhTQsA

Configure federated access to Athena with the latest JDBC & ODBC drivers that support AD FS & SAML 2.0: https://t.co/O3gzD1AwSM

#AskAlexa, "Play the Song of the Day" to stream @PostMalone x @goSwaeLee w/ "Sunflower" https://t.co/6lgNXVgSvp #SOTD

"Alexa, play @JanetJackson." Here's to the #RockHall2019 inductee 🎉 https://t.co/uwPlpV2Cbs

Learn about AWS Security Hub, & how it gives you a comprehensive view of high-priority security alerts & your compliance status across AWS accounts. https://t.co/usVqwrHMnh

Stay on target…with toy ideas from #LEGO, #Disney and more from our Holiday Toy List: https://t.co/hdnWcl1426

Can a 100 year old company embrace deep learning? See how Xebia helped improve logistics at Royal FloraHolland. https://t.co/d5dt6Zp4vX

Ready for Amazon AI Conclave? Follow @AWSonAir for real time updates, live video broadcasts & more!

Does your business strategy involve innovative, scalable, cloud-based data warehousing? AWS can help train staff to effectively utilise the technology. https://t.co/M7nrFbO00t

Get started with Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, which provides fully managed Windows file servers to easily lift & shift enterprise applications to AWS: https://t.co/TUV2AuAH37

Get started with Amazon FSx for Lustre, which provides fully managed Lustre file systems that are optimized for compute-intensive workloads. https://t.co/f81BkU4Djj

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀Announcing the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region
🚀AWS Storage Gateway Announces Increased Throughput & Adds New Caching Capability

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) is Available in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region
🚀Amazon Redshift now available in the EU (Stockholm) AWS Region
🚀AWS Elemental MediaStore Now Supports Delete Lifecycle Policies

In our upcoming tech talk, learn about the different steps to build, train, & deploy a machine learning model for computer vision, plus how to leverage Amazon EC2 P3 instances for the task. https://t.co/uYVERy4DKY

Does your organization deliver video at scale? Read how a cloud-based approach using AWS helps organizations of any size to transport video in the cloud quickly & cost-effectively. https://t.co/imINmDZIpK

What is the "two week rule" of refactoring during cloud migration? Join our live tech talk to find out. https://t.co/zub7UciAka

There were so many new launches at #reInvent 2018, we had to find more "space" to talk about them all. Our launch series of tech talks for December covers top new services announced. Rocket over to the schedule and see what we're talking about. https://t.co/EtYhosnQje

Learn how Royal FloraHolland used Amazon SageMaker to build a recommendation engine. https://t.co/CusweVUbNE

We are now open for business in Sweden! 🇸🇪 Today we are launching our fifth region in Europe, located in Stockholm.

Get started with AWS DataSync, a data transfer service that simplifies, automates & accelerates moving & replicating data between on-premises and AWS storage: https://t.co/iER58vUNTP

New #AWSLaunches:
🚀Amazon RDS Enhances Automatic Minor Version Upgrades
🚀Amazon Elasticsearch Service achieves HIPAA eligibility, PCI & ISO compliance

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