Why should you work with @AWS_Partners to migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS? Hear from AWS VP @sandy_carter: https://t.co/E8izPK4rqg #TheNextSmart

After looping @YellaBeezy214's #BaccendBeezy mixtape all weekend, what's your favorite track?

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It's time you get to know @redhearsemusic - @jackantonoff's latest project alongside @SounwaveTDE and @sam_dew. #AskAlexa to play the #SongOfTheDay to listen to their song 'Half Love' 🎧: https://t.co/6My8yUPjmX

Check out this cool AR experience built using #AmazonSumerian to celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversary of the landing on the moon. This mobile web AR app was built by @TIME & @TriggerGlobal leveraging @the8thWall. https://t.co/ZeUfljxMdz

Set, Hike! Interested in building a mobile gaming platform that can support 100k+ concurrent users? In this episode of #ThisisMyArchitecture, learn how Mission designed & implemented their own scalable architecture using Amazon EKS. https://t.co/sFv2sgaV6y #ml

Learn how to easily build machine learning models using the built-in algorithms with Amazon SageMaker. Check out this AWS blog on simplifying machine learning with XGBoost.

He is doing a happy dance because he just discovered the AWS Well-Architected Tool! The tool helps cloud architects build high-performing, secure application infrastructure. https://t.co/9QnzvbpU7v

New week, new #AWSDeepRacer weekly challenge! Submit your model to this month's virtual race & get automatically entered for a chance to win bonus prizes in weekly challenges. 🏆https://t.co/CtuSFzVyvo

No one likes fraud. By analyzing call detail records in your data lake, you can detect fraud & act quickly. This approach uses serverless technologies & requires little to no machine learning experience. https://t.co/Pli7S4DyNP

Happiest of birthdays to @selenagomez 🥳. Celebrate all day long with our Selena Gomez station 🎧: https://t.co/FWZ1DPVhxj

What's your favorite Selena song?

📊 Ready for the next generation of DBMS? Learn how public cloud is shaping the way organizations view database & analytics: https://t.co/wYTyBOnY5k

Serverless podcast alert! AWS Serverless Hero @jeremy_daly just released a podcast about newly-launched Amazon EventBridge & how to use it to build serverless event-driven architectures. https://t.co/OmIzJ7U4zi

Security has become everyone’s job and a strategic concern of the enterprise. In this eBook, AWS Enterprise Strategist @schwartz_cio shares a proven set of norms and practices to keep your enterprise secure. https://t.co/CU7tYHVhKX

Don't miss the next episode of #Databases Deep Dive: Nick Walsh & Randal Hunt will talk about different ways to use caching before a relational database to boost performance of your database.

Read articles from the July edition of AWS Architecture Monthly on our Flipboard, featuring ideas, tricks & tips around the topic of #ML. https://t.co/b6DXgmXiTP

Do you use separate AWS accounts for production & testing? Learn how to let another account share your Aurora MySQL DB cluster by cloning the cluster volume: https://t.co/wsl263leGr

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀Elastic Fabric Adapter is officially integrated into Libfabric Library.
🚀Amazon ECR now supports increased repository and image limits.
🚀Amazon EC2 AMD Instances are now available in additional regions.

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀AWS Device Farm improves device start up time to enable instant access to devices.
🚀AWS Cost Explorer now supports usage-based forecasts.
🚀Amazon Inspector is now available in the Europe (Stockholm) region.

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀Discovering documents made easy in AWS Systems Manager automation.
🚀Amazon Comprehend Custom Entities now supports multiple entity types.

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is now available in EU (London) region.
🚀AWS CodePipeline achieves HIPAA eligibility.

New #AWSLaunches!
🚀SageMaker Batch Transform now enables associating prediction results with input attributes.
🚀AWS Migration Hub now supports import of on-premises server and application data From RISC Networks to plan and track migration progress.

New #AWSLaunches!
@jeffbarr shares the latest exciting news for 🚀 Amazon EventBridge 🚀 AWS Cloud Development Kit 🚀 & Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless - keep building, keep learning! https://t.co/0tbz6KpTw0

Our weekly #ThisisMyArchitecture series offers unique how-to advice on architecture from AWS customers & partners who Build on AWS. Feel free to explore the playlist! https://t.co/zu8MU6EPX2

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