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Why is Ubuntu so popular? This whitepaper examines six key reasons why the developer community turn to Ubuntu. #Ubuntu #opensource http://bit.ly/2Rpiuto

Maybe you missed them when they were first published, or maybe they just weren’t relevant to you at the time, but here, you can find our recap of the top 10 #RedHat blogs of the year in one place. Check them out: https://red.ht/3rdcHJu

Take a deeper dive into what digital innovation excellence means and five game-changing benefits with @jthomsonidc of @IDC. Learn more: https://red.ht/3hY05lC

Don't get caught off guard! Join @kernelcdub on January 27 for Technically Speaking and explore what the future holds for technology. Stay tuned.

In the latest issue of #RedHat Shares, check out our 7th annual Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook to see stats about the technology goals and priorities of #ITpros around the world. http://red.ht/3gOfWCu

The latest release of #RedHat Runtimes includes expanded support for #Quarkus, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform expansion pack 2.0, support for @IBMPowerSystems, @OpenShift Serverless Functions, and more: https://red.ht/3bi7BGx

Arlan Hamilton overcame adversity and found success. #CommandLinePod explores how she's expanding access to venture capital funds so more women, People of Color, and LGBTQ+ founders can make their dreams a reality. http://bit.ly/2I8yUE0

Ever wanted to know how #RedHat’s User Experience team designs @OpenShift for #SysAdmins? Find out in the latest Red Hat Research issue. https://red.ht/2Gzau8Y

#RedHat is growing, and so is our commitment to sustainable practices. See how we do it, from lowering our power consumption to processing more compost: https://red.ht/35iZWV7

We're bringing no-cost #RHEL to both enterprise-wide developer teams and small production environments. Learn how we're changing our model to make it easier to access RHEL for a multitude of use cases. https://red.ht/2No01Ap

All season long, #CommandLinePod has profiled Black inventors who haven’t quite been given their due. Our season finale features Arlan Hamilton: An investor who's invented a way to change the venture capital game. http://bit.ly/2I8yUE0

This whitepaper provides a technical overview of how Ubuntu Core with full disk encryption and secure boot can be implemented in IoT devices to provide protection in data sensitive scenarios. #IoT #security https://bit.ly/2TMg6ht #IoT #Security

Don't get caught off guard! Join @kernelcdub on January 27 for Technically Speaking and explore what the future holds for technology. Stay tuned.

Alicia’s a researcher, hacker, and #opensource advocate who’s bringing #opensource to #hardware. Learn why her #codeisopen: https://red.ht/3mykbDk

When it comes to cloud, there's no one-size fits all approach. Get an introduction to the different types of clouds in our downloadable whitepaper. http://bit.ly/2O04lkA

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