Read why @ukcloudltd selected #RedHat to be the technology partner behind its #OpenStack and #container platforms #OpenInfrastructureSummit

What kinds of schools are students returning to this season? The latest @openorgbook features tips for creating more transparent, adaptable, and meritocratic #educational organizations. Read more: #TheOpenOrg #BacktoSchool

What happens when you hit enter? The system calls, the connection maze, the nuances of the different #code paths. Test yourself on what you know and find out what you don’t.

When it comes to cloud, there's no one-size fits all approach. Get an introduction to the different types of clouds in our downloadable whitepaper.

What happens when you give the #farmers of the future #opensource tools today? Find out: #OpenSourceStories #AllThingsOpen

.@HiltonHotels chose #RedHat @OpenShift to support its guest mobile app, running on a #hybridcloud environment.

New Keynote Speaker Announcement for Open Source Summit + ELC Europe! We're excited to have Cheryl Hung from Cloud Native Computing Foundation join us! View the full schedule and event details: #ossummit #lfelc #cloudnative #kubernetes

From being ranked on @Fortune’s list of Best Workplaces for Millennials to @BigAwards' 2019 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing, check out the latest accolades that #RedHat has received over the last few months:

A report from @451Research found Canonical’s managed private cloud #BootStack to be cheaper than 25 of the public cloud providers included in the Cloud Price benchmark.

Discover all the ways that a #RedHat subscription can help your business. Check out our newly updated value of subscription webpage:

Change is inevitable. It doesn't have to be unmanageable. Open #technologies prepare you for all that you can't predict. See how:

.@LockheedMartin engaged with @RedHatLabs to implement #agile processes with a new #app platform built on @openshift. Within a year, Lockheed Martin sped up its timeline to deliver new capabilities to its team 3 years ahead of schedule. #GartnerSYM

Find out how a software defined business model can help #IoT device manufacturers bring in continuous revenue beyond the initial device.

A little water, a little light, and a little #code: The #foodcomputer is a table-top #greenhouse that shows students how high tech agriculture can be. Learn more at #AllThingsOpen: #OpenSourceStories

Are you struggling to maintain your custom disaster recovery solution? Research from @Forrester Consulting found that #RedHat #Virtualization offered one company a more flexible solution that saved up to 200 hours of development time a year. Find out more.

This whitepaper provides a technical overview of how Ubuntu Core with full disk encryption and secure boot can be implemented in IoT devices to provide protection in data sensitive scenarios. #IoT #security #IoT #Security

A very big "Thank you!" to the @ubuconEurope organisers and volunteers for putting on another hugely successful event for the #Ubuntu comminity 👏 #UbuconEU19

Traditional development methods do not scale into the #IoT sphere. Find out how DevOps can reduce complexity in multi-component stacks in our new whitepaper.

.@BP_plc developers now use a self-service @OpenShift platform and #DevOps to deliver change—from idea to innovation to production. See how the company’s modernization effort won it a #RedHat Innovation Award.

There's a lot more happening in the front-end before a page renders and before a user can interact with a webpage. How much exactly? @fatherlinux, @caramelcode, @lightguardjp and friends explain what happens when you hit enter:

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