#RedHat 's Reza Shaffii spoke with @TheNextPlatform on the importance of standardizing #serverless in @KnativeProject https://t.co/HlsIlUY4yf #Knative #KubeCon

#RedHat transfers stewardship of #etcd to @CloudNativeFdn, the same body that cares for the growth and maintenance of #Kubernetes. Learn why: https://t.co/o5rISC6LfK #KubeCon #CloudNativeCon

Looking for strategies that foster monocultures? @jenkelchner says, "You're doing it wrong." Read 5 other things you won't learn from the second edition of #TheOpenOrg community's Leaders Manual. https://t.co/ee9rpEblFu

Now’s the moment of truth: will ChRIS change modern #medicine and help millions? It all depends on you. Watch chapter 3 to find out how you can help the team: https://t.co/HpxrxRk8R5 #techforgood

Looking for a cross-platform app for tracking your personal finances? Get @MonentoApp snap for #Ubuntu, it helps track expenses and incomes in easy and clear way and securely synced between mobile and desktop devices 🏦 💰 🔐

snap install monento


#Cloud-native #appdev is about adopting culture, process and #technology that can help you build new applications and services faster than you’ve done before. #RedHat's @asheshbadani explains on the blog: https://t.co/r1Y0to59J1

In this blog, get a close up look at our approach to #Kubernetes!

Think #Kubernetes on the public #cloud requires vendor lock-in or high costs? Think again. Learn more about how #RedHat @OpenShift Dedicated is changing this model with OpenShift-as-a-Service: https://t.co/6fmdJqd587

Home over the 🎄 holidays? Use that Raspberry Pi 🎁 you have spare to setup a free, secure OpenVPN 🔐 Server using #Ubuntu Core. This blog post covers what you need to do! 🍾 #linux https://t.co/eTjSmiMhHM

#RedHat's @nmcl spoke w/ @bugfarm on #Java & why it is still continues to be a top programming language after all these years https://t.co/xJgQ4eGchZ @NetworkWorld

Choosing #serverless infrastructure can mean giving up control of deployment policies—but it doesn't have to. @openwhisk developers join the #CommandLinePod to talk about setting up your own #opensource serverless environment. https://t.co/VCOKyCq5AJ

Which kernel provides the most balanced operational efficiency? A detailed analysis comparing real-time kernel assumptions against test results designed to reflect telco and NFV workloads.https://t.co/K6umZE2KRW

The LXD team is very excited to announce the release of LXD 3.8! https://t.co/DUfp2C8Ong #containers

Struggling to take advantage of the #opensource software market? Check out the 6 reasons for making the open source argument in the latest #RedHat Shares. https://t.co/RuiZeHJH5O

Attending #Kubecon? Head to the FDio booth and meet this little pup! This therapy dog can’t wait to get a #selfie with you! You have until 2 pm to selfie it up and take home a (stuffed) pup of your own! Don't forget to post your pic and tag w/ #k9yourk8s and @fdioproject!

Composer makes it easier for both new and experienced #RedHat Enterprise #Linux users to build and deploy custom images across the #hybridcloud. See for yourself: https://t.co/TuEsVcGi6y #RHEL #RHEL8

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