Kairan Quazi, student and research collaborator, Intel Labs / Las Positas College - 10 years old! Discussing Intel Labs’ Anticipatory Computing Lab's next generation development of the Stephen Hawking ACAT. @KairanQuazi1 #ossummit

Christina Dunbar-Hester, Faculty Member, University of Southern California -
If “diversity” is the answer, what is the question? What's at stake? @cdunbarhester #ossummit

.@RedHatSatellite 6.6 is now available in beta to current #Satellite customers. Dive into the enhancements across reporting, #automation, and supportability: https://t.co/DaJdSkmi5o

To celebrate the 28th birthday of #Linux this weekend, we put together 28 cool facts about Linux you may be surprised to learn. Check it out: https://t.co/U9WPll8DK2

Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux Kernel Developer and Fellow at the Linux Foundation, kicks-off keynotes this morning - MDS, Fallout, Zombieland & Linux!

Languages used for IT #infrastructure don’t have expiration dates. #CommandLinePod covers how we've built systems with #COBOL for decades—and how @Golang could last just as long. Listen to the full story: https://t.co/jvoFhJYFwH #Golang

#RedHat Modernization and Migration Solutions are designed to help customers cut IT costs and adopt #containers. Read about our new offering here: https://t.co/hQwMAHGAB9 #vmworld

Most Linux distros offer reasonable defaults that balance security and functionality. Sometimes, you may need extra tools to bolster your security array. Let's have a look at the security category in the Snap Store, and review some cool snaps.


Join us for a walk down #RHEL memory lane! We are looking back at the 18 years of #RedHat Enterprise #Linux that brought us from 2.1 to 8.1. Check it out: https://t.co/kQC92ZQbZb

#CommandLinePod investigates the foundation of our digital infrastructure. Hear how #COBOL stays cemented in the list of important languages, even after 60 years. Will we be looking for @Golang #developers in 60 years? https://t.co/jvoFhJYFwH #Golang

Which kernel provides the most balanced operational efficiency? A detailed analysis comparing real-time kernel assumptions against test results designed to reflect telco and NFV workloads.https://t.co/K6umZE2KRW

.@Intermountain's #digitaltransformation: from proprietary platform to an #opensource #RedHat stack: https://t.co/1ixJRbeUPm #VMworld

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