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"The longer you are with one company, the less you can show that you can adapt to change. Make sure you are able to show progression in your role, different projects you've worked on and skills you have established" #ossummit #lfelc

"Send a thank you note after interviewing, but make sure they help and not hurt! If you are unsure, ask your recruiter to review your note for you before sending" #ossummit #lfelc

"Make sure your phone number is listed on your resume or have a skype number listed if you are not comfortable. Email addresses are entered incorrectly on resumes and online job applications all the time." #ossummit #lfelc

"A lot of companies will not write a written offer until they have a verbal yes. They also will not write a written offer until they check references. Give your references a heads up that a call will be coming so they are prepared and ready!" #ossummit #lfelc

"In terms of salary, don't think there is such a thing as market price. You have companies paying high & you have start-ups that are unable to pay those amounts. Look @ the whole package offered, (stock, bonuses, vacation time) & take it all into consideration" #ossummit #lfelc

"If you are looking for a job, make sure you update your resume AND your LinkedIn profile. It is a big red flag if they don't match, as recruiters and hiring managers do compare the two." #ossummit #lfelc

"Tailor your resume to the language in the job post. Pull in similar language and tools listed. Have different versions of your resume based on the type of jobs you are interested in" #ossummit #lfelc

"Remote jobs are highly competitive right now. A lot of people want to be remote and that increases the competition." #ossummit #lfelc

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"Your resume should go back 15 years max. If you have more experience, call out that an extended resume is available, should they want to see more. Resumes should be limited to 4 pages at most, 2-3 pages is best. It's about being relevant and being reasonable" #ossummit #lfelc

It is very common in tech to take sabbaticals, just be aware if you have done it a lot, and have lots of resume gaps, then it is going to pose some questions." #ossummit #lfelc

"Companies want to see continuing education and that you are keeping up with current trends. Not just classes - be sure to highlight real applications of the technology discussed being put into production" #ossummit #lfelc

We're live tweeting our Technical Resume Writing Workshop with @LindseyThorneGT! Learn how to show off & highlight your #opensource contributions. #ossummit #lfelc.

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