.@stefaniechiras, one of the experts behind #RHEL, gives her thoughts on the world's leading enterprise #Linux platform. #hybridcloud #technews #RHEL8

The secret of #digitaltransformation? It's not about transformation. It's leadership, and leadership never ends. See how to commence⁠—or continue⁠—your path to the top: https://red.ht/37rq3s0

The holiday season is upon us, but we're already looking forward to #RHSummit in April. Registration for industry's premier enterprise #opensource technology conference is now open. Check it out: https://red.ht/2LfG76r

Join our webinar to understand how using a production grade OSM distribution such as Charmed OSM is enabling telcos to accelerate their NFV transformation.


Data, #microservices, devices, and processes proliferate in a modern IT ecosystem. Manage them all with open, decentralized #integration. See how: https://red.ht/2nwULxD

Stories are the cornerstone of our community. That's why we've collected some community-defining moments in a new version of the Book of #RedHat. Check it out: https://red.ht/2NOieom

#Opendata becomes useful knowledge in our latest #OpenSourceStories film. Watch the trailer to find out how: https://red.ht/2Rn60VS #ChanchoSensor

#RaspberryPi and #opensource tools aren't just for developers anymore! Learn how #RedHat marketers used open source to reduce project delivery time by 70%: https://red.ht/2OP1z34 #RedHatOpenStudio

The latest release of #RedHat Integration brings us further in our alignment around @OpenShift as the platform of choice for developing and deploying cloud-native #apps across #hybridcloud environments. Learn more: https://red.ht/31Ux6WA

At #RedHat, we are changing the question from "Should you implement a #container solution?" to "How will you implement a container solution to best fit your needs?" See why: https://red.ht/2rmXviV @DanJuengst

Why treat classrooms like open organizations? Check out the latest @openorgbook to find out: https://red.ht/2lK3AmE #education #TheOpenOrg

It's time to integrate. We can help. Agile #integration changes enterprise integration from a problem to a platform. Learn more: https://red.ht/2KUsYyS

From snapcraft release 3.7 onward, development has become easier. Snapcraft now automatically detects and lists missing runtime libraries, allowing you to complete your build with fewer errors and in less time.


The Ubuntu robotics team are ROS experts.

Join as we walk you through how to build a ROS enabled robot in under 30 minutes.


How did #RedHat marketers use #opensource tools and a #RaspberryPi to reduce project delivery time by 70%? Check out the blog to find out: https://red.ht/2OP1z34 #RedHatOpenStudio

Why is Ubuntu so popular? This whitepaper examines six key reasons why the developer community turn to Ubuntu. #Ubuntu #opensource http://bit.ly/2Rpiuto

Small data is making a big impact in #Chile. Our next #OpenSourceStories film shows you how. Watch the trailer: https://red.ht/2Rn60VS #ChanchoSensor #Pomaire

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