Today is the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy's release!

We're celebrating with GB Studio, a (no programming needed) game maker for building real Game Boy ROMs for Windows, Mac and Linux 🎮

We're planting a better future, with the help of #AI. 🌱 Learn more about our tech-first approach to protecting the planet on this week's episode of #MicrosoftUnboxed📦 👇 #EarthDay

Ever struggled with migrating a massive project to Git?
Demystify monorepos with Steffen Hiller.

Get hands-on experience with solutions to your biggest challenges at GitHub Satellite’s Workshop Day.

Add on workshops at checkout—space is limited.

Calling all Maintainers! Join us at #Maintainerati Berlin on May 24 for a one-day Open Space unconference.

Share your challenges, triumphs, stories, and more to help build a thriving open source community.
RSVP today!

🚨ANNOUNCING: Windows 10 May 2019 Update 🚨

Learn more about the newest APIs and features like:
✔️ Windows Subsystem for Linux
✔️ XAML Islands
✔️ Windows UI Library

Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a vibrant field of flowers waiting for your desktop. Enjoy the colors and scenery of 18 beautiful images free in today’s #Windows10 Theme:

SVP of Product, @shankuniyogi, is driven by an idea: that great tools and communities go hand in hand in helping developers create the future.

Join us at #GitHubSatellite to hear about GitHub's products, and the largest developer community in the world.

#MSBuild is less than a month away! 🥳 To kick-off the countdown, we want you to imagine it’s Day 1 and you’re standing outside of the Washington State Convention Center. What do you do next? 👀

Make any space a teamwork space. #SurfaceHub2S keeps people connected so teamwork can thrive anywhere. Learn more: #SurfaceforBusiness

Every month we’re on the hunt for the latest and greatest releases.
March did not disappoint!
From graphs to games, GIFs, and more—explore them all in this month’s #GHReleaseRadar.

Share your repo. Promote your project.
Upload an image to put the spotlight on your repository! 🌟

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