Keep up to date with the #WorldCup scores and standings in your terminal with ⚽️

Your PC display, now on your TV—no cable needed. Learn how #Windows10 works harder here:

The Last Slice: a retro 8-bit video game that's currently impossible to beat. Can you do the impossible for a chance to win $10k?
Download the source code. Beat challenges 1 and 2. Qualify for the final challenge today.

Hey devs, welcome back to another round of #CodeAndCoffee! Today we're chatting with Michael West (@itsmichaelwest) about everything Windows User Experience, #Windows10 design & more. Follow the thread below!

From your hands to our ears. Write instead of type using the power of Tap to ink in the updated #Windows10. See how we turn handwriting into text here:

Ride the lightning! A storm is brewing in this crackling #Windows10 Theme. Feel the energy here: 🌩️🎸

Dare we say that a digital pen and Microsoft Word makes resume editing fun? Try it for yourself and see: #Windows10

#SecretSauce tip #2: The first #LastSlice challenge seems like an 8-bit retro game, until you look under the hood 🚗 💻. Let us know down below how you changed the code to get through challenge 1!

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