It’s pumpkin time. Download 13-pics of glowing grins and gorgeous gourds with today’s #Windows10 Theme:

Suggested Changes.
In-line comments and one-click changes.

Now available on GitHub 🙌

You might have noticed some new alerts popping up in your notifications 💻

That’s because we’re auto-scanning public repos for exposed tokens and keys to prevent security breaches *before they even happen* 🔐

Here’s a BTS look 👀

Behind the scenes of GitHub Token Scanning

We’ve extended GitHub Token Scanning to include tokens from cloud service providers and additional credentials.

Go ahead, get wrapped up in that story. Your eyes (and attention) will stay fresher with reading view in Microsoft Edge. Learn more about the better way to get things done online today:

"If you like MacBooks, you should take a look at the Surface Laptop 2." Check out @CNBC for why you should make the switch:

2-in-1s get more done. Read about the new always connected Samsung Galaxy Book 2 today:

We just hired our first 5 Octoprentices! 💖

What're those? Our brand-new GitHub version of apprentices.

Octoprenticeships are for both tech + non-tech roles and embrace people with non-traditional backgrounds for the positions.

From fall colors, to spooky spirits, to the sights of the season—you’ll find it all in the Autumn Colors collection of #Windows10 Themes. See them here:

Want to skip the line for #GitHubActions?

Tell us how you'll use it (and use the hashtag)!
We're looking for the coolest, most creative, out-of-the-box, and generally rad ideas—so we can give you the tools to make it happen.

🗣️ Attention: A preview release of the Fluent XAML Theme Editor is now available! Set the color theme of your app with our new API. 🎨

Mona and Hubot are at it again—and they’re unleashing their creation on the world! 🌍

This time it’s #MyOctocat—an online generator to create Octocat(s) that reflect you.

Try it for yourself! 💻✨

Hear something rapping, rapping at your chamber door? It's this delightfully dark Call of the Raven Windows Theme. Download it today, if you dare: #Windows10

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