From kissing owls to a fierce wolf, this captivating 10-image #Windows10 Theme brings fur and feathers to your desktop background:

#WindowsTip: Brighten up your setting, experiences, and desktop with the new Windows light theme. Check it out:

Want to turn off distractions? Turn on Line focus in Microsoft Edge. Highlight one, three, or five lines of a web page at a time and focus on what's important to you.

Hear #DevMC hosts @sinclairinator and @kid_jenius talk about the next wave of innovation for the Fluent Design System and #UWP apps.

Code Golf, aka GolfBot, lets you enjoy the joy of golf… virtually. Plus, you get to use GitHub!

Minimize your use of characters and keystrokes to win #NoopsChallenge 🏆🏌️‍♀️

With CamBot, your device comes alive!

Tap into the sensors on your camera and more to create extraordinary visuals or tweak versions of other #NoopsChallenge’s 📸

It’s Conway’s Game of Life, in API format.

Meet Automatabot—here to give you a set of cells and their rules… for life. #NoopsChallenge

MazeBot gives you the maze (in data)… it’s up to you to work your way through it.

Tweet us when you make it through! #NoopsChallenge

What is it about summer that just begs for sandcastles?
Get inspired with this 12-image #Windows10 Theme for your desktop background:

Web #DevMC @TaelurAlexis gets the scoop on some of the latest @MicrosoftEdge features with Adina Shanholtz (@FeyTechnologist). 🕸️▶️

Hexbot sent you hex codes. Polybot sends you polygons.

What will you create this time around? 🤔

Share it with us (and tag #NoopsChallenge)!

You star their repos.

You follow along with every new release.

Now, financially support the developers behind the projects with GitHub Sponsors 💖

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