We’re enabling offline #GooglePlay authentication and install services for apps shared via Play-approved peer-to-peer sharing.

This helps users keep their apps up to date & presents a new distribution opportunity for #AndroidDev.

📢 Learn more → https://t.co/i0sVGOVrPy

Can AI put on a shadow puppet show? Turns out, it can. Here's how ShadowPlay uses @TensorFlow to transform shadow figures from hand gestures into digital animations → https://t.co/3h90UeRPBM

That's a wrap on #GooglePlaytime in San Francisco. Thanks for joining us today! What was your favorite #Android #GooglePlay news you heard from the event?

Talking about building empathy through technology with @ariannahuff & @purnimakochikar at #GoooglePlaytime

What's popping in NYC and Chicago? Our Google Hardware Store! With all the tools you need to make your life easier at home, at work, and on-the-go, pedal over now to our #googlepopup → https://t.co/TpsNpnH9yd

After launching on Chrome OS, @Evernote saw 3X increase in time spent on larger screen devices, and 4X more time when using Google Pixelbook.

Learn how they did it → https://t.co/T1ZVVTTnvM


"Most people think that just because you're in a chair, everything's disabled–but my main attribute is my mind."

How 19-year-old Robbie Ivey uses Google Home to be more independent as he starts his first year of college → https://t.co/ya7UzVdh9g #DisabilityAwarenessMonth

How to strike a pose with Pixel 3:

📸 Top Shot
🌙 Night Sight
🤳 Group Selfie Cam

Hitting shelves in the US today, here are 10 things you can do with your Pixel 3 camera → https://t.co/AR55ppJnSZ

Today at #GooglePlaytime we’ve announced several updates to help you build & manage your app business:

- More size savings for the app bundle
- New #PlayConsole metrics
- Improvements to #AndroidVitals
- Easier subs pricing changes

👉 Read more → https://t.co/ZbkGX7uQa1

Take a trip through the kingdom of Westeros in @reignsgame. Caution: Players may experience a royal sense of immersion. https://t.co/u7psajUxNJ

“Android Market was launched almost exactly 10 years ago. We’ve come a long way since then...” @purnimakochikar kicking off #GooglePlaytime in San Francisco.

We’re now jumping across the ocean to check on #GooglePlaytime in San Francisco! How’s everyone doing?

Another great #GooglePlaytime is coming to a close - we hope everyone had a wonderful day with us in Berlin and took away some insights!

At #GooglePlaytime, Niko Schröer shares a few tips for optimizing your free trial conversions and reducing voluntary cancellations.


Is your app delivering the best experience on all devices and screens? With a few tweaks, you have the opportunity to reach even more users!

💻 Learn how to optimize apps for Chrome OS → https://t.co/yB07rNyFOL


If you are at #GooglePlaytime in Berlin, why not try your luck with the Android scavenger hunt?

Find 10 droids with "10" in their belly, hidden around the venue, to win a prize 🤖

Google Play Instant is now available for premium titles and for pre-registration campaigns, so people can try your game before it launches and generate additional buzz.

⚡ Get started with instant apps → https://t.co/kWXqzurOgw


Wouldn’t it be great if you could go straight from a real-world crash identified by #Androidvitals, to that same crash in Pre-Launch Reports where you can find all that extra metadata to help you debug?

Starting today, you can 🎉



Here are our latest efforts to help you drive more installs & fewer uninstalls, offer highly configurable apps with dynamic features, and keep your users up-to-date.

Learn more → https://t.co/jkasnYKbGd


Today we are launching a new API that allows you to prompt users to update without ever leaving your app. It’s an easy one for you, as a developer, because we take care of restarting the app.


Thousands of app bundles are in production and seeing an average size saving of 35%. It's easy to switch to app bundles in @AndroidStudio or the latest @Unity3d beta release.

Learn more → https://t.co/jkasnYKbGd


The new app model, made possible by the Android App Bundle, improves the user acquisition journey from discovery to installs and retention, while simplifying your releases.


“Do you add new features and support more device configurations… but lose installs and drive more uninstalls because of increase in size? We don’t want you to have to worry about these trade offs” Kobi Glick at #GooglePlaytime

"We speak to thousands of developers every month, all over the world. Listening to you helps us figure out what we need to focus on and improve" Tian Lim, VP Product at #GooglePlay.


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