Festival season happens all year long on @googleearth—hit the streets with this list of colorful celebrations and carnivals from around the 🌍 → https://t.co/6FIfJoPOXB #TravelTuesday

Discover new games, challenge friends, and track achievements with the Google Play Games App. New this month – play before you download with Instant Games on the Games App Arcade. https://t.co/sCa0vu15Rj

Rex marks the spot! On this day in 1990 the largest T. rex ever discovered was found by—and later named after—paleontologist Sue Hendrickson. 🦖 https://t.co/VkSqF91f6Z

Make it so! Trek through the final frontier of Search to see which trends lived long and prospered this week → https://t.co/q2crpHwDOv

Keep it simple with this week’s mix of minimalist photos from #teampixel → https://t.co/MaVJDw7a7n

“AI will change the world. Who will change AI?” Inspired by the possibilities of AI for social good, 17-year-old @ai4allorg alum Ananya brings technology to life for girls through neural art workshops.

On the hunt for something new? Check out Indie Corner for our monthly game selects and stay tuned for new title releases from indie developers. https://t.co/MqX6N0UVh0

Ready, set, code! The #CodeJamFinals are underway in Toronto—take a </br> and tune into the livestream for our largest and most challenging programming competition → https://t.co/MNm6F1wMUH

Playing mobile games in bed? Anyone else ever drop their phone on their face? 😣

Applications for the #Playindie Games Accelerator have wrapped up, and we have picked our first class!

A huge thanks to everyone who applied, we were overwhelmed with your responses and creativity 👏

🕹️ Meet the 1st #indiedev class → https://t.co/z545t44m38

🐱 + 💻 = ❤️. Meow on the street is that it's #InternationalCatDay, so we're honoring some iconic internet kitties ranked by how much they are searched.

Good business decisions are founded on good insights & data.

Learn how the latest #PlayConsole & @Firebase features can help you gain insights on:

🔎 The user lifecycle
🔎 Discovery & acquisition
🔎 Engagement & Monetization

Analyze your app audience → https://t.co/6sY62H3Ziy

Finally a day for our furry feline friends. In honor of #InternationalCatDay, check out these helpful apps and games to feed your inner pet lover. https://t.co/4aAJ16p57m

Tis the season of treks and travels. Pass the time during your trip with these offline mobile games that you can play even without a wireless connection. #TravelTuesday

Today's #GoogleDoodle celebrates the life and legacy of Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna), an influential philosopher and physician during the Islamic Golden Age → https://t.co/ujoxwDj2tL

Support for selling paid apps, in-app products, and subscriptions on #GooglePlay have now been enabled in 7 more countries:

💳 Nicaragua
💳 Trinidad
💳 Tobago
💳 Albania
💳 Armenia
💳 Namibia
💳 Algeria

Check here for details → https://t.co/Y7FPR31EUV

Has a Google product or accessibility feature helped you in your daily life? The @googleaccess team is looking for stories to help raise awareness about the importance of building with #a11y in mind → https://t.co/nkxOip8K6n

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

On his birthday, pop over to @googlearts to see the artistic influence of Andy Warhol → https://t.co/nRfuC9jjPE

Hey #AndroidDev, have any questions about #GooglePlay policies? Join this upcoming webinar for advice and insights on the latest policy updates, followed by live Q&A.

🗓 August 9th, sign up here → https://t.co/gHbmeZwn7t

Let's scream for rolled ice cream! In the past year, the treat has rolled its way to the top of Search, out-scooping all other ice creams. 🍦

We'll take "top search trends of the week" for $600, Alex → https://t.co/25pbrf3qx2

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