Upcoming streaming service @Disneyplus teases new releases for November launch, including new #StarWars series #TheMandalorian, #LadyandtheTramp, and another #HighSchoolMusical. #d23 https://t.co/hDTeioeJiA

Kairan Quazi, student and research collaborator, Intel Labs / Las Positas College - 10 years old! Discussing Intel Labs’ Anticipatory Computing Lab's next generation development of the Stephen Hawking ACAT. @KairanQuazi1 #ossummit

Learn how @codeforamerica built GetCalFresh on AWS to help close the participation gap in California’s nutrition assistance program: https://t.co/GVV0mZ0RYQ

Big news! @GearsPOP is available now on the App Store! Get into PvP battles with your favorite Gears of War characters, like Marcus Fenix, Kait Diaz, and Augustus Cole.

Play the new game: https://t.co/hNAIQTspwN

Christina Dunbar-Hester, Faculty Member, University of Southern California -
If “diversity” is the answer, what is the question? What's at stake? @cdunbarhester #ossummit

.@RedHatSatellite 6.6 is now available in beta to current #Satellite customers. Dive into the enhancements across reporting, #automation, and supportability: https://t.co/DaJdSkmi5o

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