Amid reopening and protests, coronavirus transmission remains high in much of the U.S. — particularly in places that were among the last to impose shutdowns and the first to lift them. (via @JoelAchenbach and @chelsea_janes for @washingtonpost)

Trump is opening the country’s only national monument in the Atlantic Ocean — which was created to preserve the integrity of the site — to commercial fishing. “You’re so lucky I’m president,” he told fishermen. (via @laurajoparker for @NatGeo)

Some hopeful news from this week:
• Signs the protests are working
• Iceland didn’t just flatten the curve — it virtually eliminated #COVID19
• This D.C. resident sheltered dozens of people who needed a refuge from the police
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In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, some cities are asking if it’s time to defund the police and “reimagine” public safety. (via @fstockman and @jeligon for @nytimes)

Our helpful guide will walk you through the steps needed to restrict explicit content from being played in #AppleMusic on your #iPhone, #iPad, #iPodtouch, and your #Mac. #tips

Photos can show protests’ complexity — or they can perpetuate old lies. Here’s what to keep in mind as you see pictures from demonstrations around the U.S. (via @johnedwinmason for @NatGeo)

Customers of #AppleCard will be able to buy more items from the #AppleStore on monthly installment plans within weeks, with an expansion covering #MacBook, #HomePod, and #AirPods purchases.

For a lot of non-Black people, now feels like a crucial time to reach out to Black friends and loved ones. Here’s how to check in with your Black friends right now, writes @JesseASparks for @bonappetit:

Two Buffalo officers have been charged with assault after shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground at a protest on Thursday night. (via @Nicolemarie_A for @NBCNews)

There have been protests against racism and police brutality before, from the 1960s to Ferguson to Baltimore. Here’s what makes this moment so different. (via @voxdotcom)

Is #OpenSource Killing #Standards Organizations or Saving Them? Discuss with @eckelcu at #ossummit + #lfelc Virtual Experience. Full schedule: Register for just US$50:

The ACLU is shifting its primary focus: ”We need to defund the budgets of these police departments … I’m clear that that is my North Star.” (via @kristindakota for @FastCompany)

Some Americans are misusing cleaning products — even drinking them — in an effort to avoid the coronavirus, the CDC said. (via @DrewQJoseph for @statnews)

There are many ways one can go about building snaps. You can do it locally, use Launchpad, Electron Builder or a range of CI/CD systems. And you can also run your own, self-hosted snap building factory!

Ampere's Kickstarter success, the Side Pocket, is one part fanny-pack and one part powerbank, combining to make our new favorite bag for hiking, conventions, and errand days.

Black reporters are bearing a unique burden. The civil unrest, frustration, and grief isn’t just a familiar headline — it’s personal. Eight journalists reflect in @glamourmag on what it means to do their jobs right now:

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